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Beat the Champions (King of Sports)

Beat the Champions (King of Sports)|tv asahi
©tv asahi
A fun and fast-moving game show featuring celebrities and amateurs challenging world-class professional athletes at their very own sports! From golf, tennis, water sports and soccer, the challenges and fascination are endless.

But wait, it wouldn’t be easy to “Beat the Champions” on an equal playing field! So, the amateur challengers are given special advantages to up their game.

Can amateurs win against a tennis superstar by using an oversized racket? Can they beat professionals in a bowling game using a soccer ball? Can two kids defeat a table tennis pro restricted to playing with a spoon? With all these unique advantages, can the celebs and amateurs “Beat the Champions”?

With proven ratings for over 15 years, “Beat the Champions” is clearly a winner. A “must see” in Japan, it is now time for “Beat the Champions” to hit the international market!

Production Year
60 min
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Time Slot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly
Location based
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