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Experts Visiting Experts

Experts Visiting Experts| tv asahi
©tv asahi
A fun and engaging program where seasoned professionals from various fields visit their counterparts in a foreign country and make surprising discoveries about their own field of expertise.
During the 3~4 day visit, the experts visit 2~3 sites that are well-known in the field. What do they see?
What do they experience? Are there any hints or ideas that the visiting experts can take home?
Through a guided tour by the local professionals, the foreign experts learn first-hand the different skills and unique ways of the local professionals. A German Deutsche Bahn engineer sees the complex daily operations of the busiest train system in Tokyo. An Italian chaser runs out of praise for traditional crafts- men in Kyoto. A Michelin star chef discovers the delicate art of chicken skewers. The remarkable world of experts is incredible for the audience as well!
From long-standing traditional trades to contemporary high-tech industries, each show is packed with extraordinary tales of excellence, humorous moments and heartwarming scenes that astonish and inspire us all!

Production Year
60 min.
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Time slot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly / Special
Location based
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