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Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy|tv asahi
©tv asahi
This is a game show where a team of four takes on challenges that any adult should easily be able to carry out.

The challenges use objects that are common in day-to-day tasks, such as opening a bottle of wine, buckling up a watch strap, putting a pillow in a pillow case, etc. But time limits are set for each challenge, and speed along with accuracy is required. And if one member of the team fails, the challenge cannot be completed, so the members are under a lot of pressure.

There are approximately 20 challenges in all, and the team can tackle them on, one by one. If they can complete 5 challenges within the show’s entire time limit, they are treated to a full course luxurious dinner at a famous restaurant.

However, as the time for eating the full course dinner is included in the time limit set for the game show, the members need to finish the challenges quickly in order to leisurely enjoy their prize meal.

Just do what you always do, but you will be surprised to see what happens when TIME is limited.

This is an entertainment program that viewers of all ages can enjoy.

Production Year
60 min
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Time slot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly
Studio based
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