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50 First Kisses

50 First Kisses,50回目のファーストキス
© 2018 “50 First Kisses” Film Partners
Daisuke works as a tour guide in Hawaii, has difficulties having commitment issues in relationship. One day, he meets Rui at a café and instantly falls in love with her. Daisuke goes back to meet Rui at the same place following day, but she doesn't seem to remember him. It turns out Rui suffers from a short-term memory after a tragic car accident and her memory can last only for a day. Knowing the truth, Daisuke asks Rui to go out on a date every day...


Takayuki Yamada (山田孝之)
Masami Nagasawa (長澤まさみ)
Murotsuyoshi (ムロツヨシ)
Katsuya (勝矢)
Taiga (太賀)
Hirona Yamazaki (山崎紘菜)
Shinya Owada (大和田伸也)
Jiro Sato (佐藤二朗)
Yuichi Fukuda (福田雄一)
Scenario Writer
Yuichi Fukuda (福田雄一)
Production Year
Approx. 120 min
International sales company
Nippon TV
Japanese Theatrical Release:June 1st, 2018

Territories handled by Nippon TV:Worldwide except North America
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