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Grab the Chance - Now or Never -

Grab the Chance - Now or Never -|NIPPON TV
Grab it or leave it!
They say that when you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did. Is there something you've put off but can't get out of your mind? "Grab the Chance" might be your only opportunity to take that challenge.

What if you could leap off from the world's highest bungee jump in Macau? Or say "Will you be mine?" in a romantic setting? How about swimming with dolphins in Hawaii? Skydiving? We might just grab you on the street and give you the chance, but you must decide on the spot: yes or no. Say yes, and "Grab the Chance" immediately sets the ball in motion to help you get your ultimate life-changing experience! We move really fast, so get ready.

When you're plunging down a tower at 200 kilometers per hour, on your bended knee asking for her hand, or enjoying the deep blue waters of the pacific, it might be difficult to care about anything else in the world. But the celebrity guests in the studio, two emcees, and those watching at home all care about you. They're with you at 233 meters above ground, or at the edge of that plane door, moments from screaming off your timid, passive self. Worries wash away as you dive in with the dolphins. Hearts melt as she says "yes."

Share your journey of growth and transform not only yourself, but also those watching. If you're tired of thinking too much before acting, then "Grab the Chance"!

Production Year
International sales company
Nippon TV
Original broadcast: January 2016
Territories handled by Nippon TV: Worldwide
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