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Meet me there

Meet me there|NIPPON TV
If you get a handwritten letter saying "Meet me there", where would you go?
Every couple has a special place that marks a turning point in their love story. Friends associate their fondest moment with where it happened. Even buddy cops have a soft spot for that unforgettable place that defines their career. But as the months turn into years, will two people still share the same memory?

"Meet me there."
If all you get is a handwritten letter from that person with these words, where would you go?

As morning turns to dark, the wife gets increasingly anxious and frustrated. Waiting in the cold, she's pretty certain about the places he might have gone instead. But for her, there is one she treasures most, and that's where she holds out until the very end, hoping he will remember.

Viewers cross their fingers hoping that the man picks the right spot off the bat. His first choice is where he proposed. She wasn't there. Confused and flustered, he travels miles to their first date. Wrong again. His confidence is deflated, but he must keep searching.

Love is indeed a rollercoaster, even for the observer, and the longer the detour, the sweeter the reunion. Emotions have had all day to build up, so when he finally arrives, the weary wife opens the floodgates to all the sweet memories. He might have thought that the spot where he proposed, or where their child was born, were most important. He learns why she had someplace else in mind. If anything, they get to know each other better.

Whether it's your favorite comedian or athlete trying to go back to that unforgettable spot they share with their spouse, friend, coworker, or maybe even ex, "Meet me there" gives a rare, intimate look into relationships and invites you to look back on your own. How long will it take your special person to meet you at your special place?

Production Year
International sales company
Nippon TV
Original broadcast: November 2016
Territories handled by Nippon TV: Worldwide
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