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This is the story of a woman who responds to an abused girl's silent cries of help. Nao, an aloof 30-something woman who works reluctantly as an elementary school teacher, notices the unmistakable bruises on her first grade pupil Rena. Initially, like everyone else, Nao looks the other way. But Rena's wretched desperation soon awakens a passion and determination in Nao. Together they skip town and embark on a risky journey pretending to be mother and child. "Mother" is the story of the transformation of a once disenchanted woman who suddenly takes on the role of a parent to a child who is starved for maternal love. The drama probes into the meaning of motherhood in modern society.


Scenario Writer

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Mimi Ohzakura’s romance has only just begun.
Driven by her motto "Live healthy, employees," occupational physician Mimi Ohzakura keeps busy every day making sure everyone is well. Occupational physicians provide healthcare to laborers in companies. If an employer regularly has over 1,000 workers, a...

  • Mystery

12 Suicidal Teens

12 teenagers show up at an abandoned hospital. As prescribed, they enter the building, open safe containing, take one of numbered tags from 1 to 12, and head to a "designated place". None of them have ever met before, but all of them in despair with their lives and come up with one common goal: to e...

  • Romance
  • Tearjerker

50 First Kisses

Daisuke works as a tour guide in Hawaii, has difficulties having commitment issues in relationship. One day, he meets Rui at a café and instantly falls in love with her. Daisuke goes back to meet Rui at the same place following day, but she doesn't seem to remember him. It turns out Rui suffers from...

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9 Windows

Territories handled by Nippon TV:Asia

Do you know your neighbour?

From co-production of Nippon TV and The Story Lab, 9 Windows is a unique gameshow-meets-talent contest that celebrates ordinary people with outlandish skills. Set in an iconic, interactive studio setting, each episode features...

  • Comedy
  • Tearjerker

A Banana? At This Time of Night?

Yasuaki Shikano, 34. Suffering from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user. Self-centered, talkative, overly free-spirited! But everybody loves this man who lives life to the fullest— A true story of laughter and tears.

Shikano lives in Sapporo, suffers from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user.

A Girl of 35

A daughter returns 25 years later, but as a 10-year-old girl.

Set in 1995 and 2020, this story makes us ponder how we have changed over the last 25 years.

A freak accident suddenly puts the main character in a vegetative state as a 10-year-old girl. Everyone in her family, which broke apart...

  • Human

Almost a Miracle

A new type of main character, who is both extremely ordinary and universally lovable.

Machida is unlike any protagonist you've seen before. He's dull, he wears glasses, and he has no distinguishing features.
His only talent is his ability to love everyone, unconditionally. However, as he gets to...

Ancien and the Magic Tablet

Why am I snoozing all the time?

I keep having this dream...

Kokone Morikawa lives with her father in Okayama Prefecture. She's a typical high school senior with no special talents except one: she can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Recently she's been having a series of strange dreams. Her fath...


A precious, touching drama…

A girl who lost her family and became separated from society can no longer figure out a way to live. The story begins when she meets an old woman. Deception and betrayal have hardened them to the point of no longer being able to believe in people.

The two eventually...

  • Gameshow

Baby Shower

Channel your inner baby and test your bond as a united family!

Baby shower parties are taken to a whole new level in this format where two groups of expectant parents, family and friends join forces to tackle games with gigantic baby items to win prizes!

Baby Shower is about showing expectan...

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  • Gameshow

Beat the Rooms

The crazy, action-packed new gameshow

“Beat the Rooms” is the only action gameshow where players are challenged NOT to do something! - Don’t breathe! Don’t get nervous! Don’t fall! and more - all with wacky, hilarious results! In each episode, two teams of four try and ‘beat’ two rooms, each room...

  • Gameshow


The entertaining new physical gameshow that challenges contestants to stay on the wall – or have a great fall!

In this fun and hilarious format, two teams of four players - each with their backs literally against a wall - battle it out in a variety of physical games, combining trivia, strategy,...

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  • Romance

Born to be a Flower

Thinking she’s a 10, she steps off her high horse and is surprised at the love she finds!

Twenty-nine-year-old Momo Tsukishima is blessed with the complete package--looks, career, wealth, prominent family, and incredible talent. Plus, she is a scion of the Tsukishima School of ikebana flower ar...

  • Suspense

Captured Hospital

An armed group wearing demon masks seize a major hospital renowned in Japan.

Saburo Musashi, a detective currently on leave of absence, tackles the case as doctors and employees are taken hostage. Among those held captive is his wife. What do the perpetrators really want? As breathtaking physical...

  • Action

Caution, Hazardous Wife

Listen up, housewives! The cutest yet most dangerous heroine the world has ever seen comes to your rescue!

Those who dream of becoming a fabulous yet low-key housewife would envy thirty-year-old Nami Isayama. After a tainted past, she decides to reinvent herself and live a quiet life. She marri...

Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

The mighty wife returns!

Haruka Ayase plays a newlywed wife who hides her past as a secret agent and beats up one bad guy after another like an action star. The identity of her husband (an agent of the Public Security Bureau) played by Hidetoshi Nishijima is gradually disclosed th...

  • School

Chihayafuru 3

“I’m not letting go of my dreams! I’m gonna be the queen!”

They put everything on the line to taste the glory. Chihaya and Mizusawa High School karuta club teammates, including those who just joined, spend the summer of their sophomore year competing at the National Tournament.

In the team c...

  • Detective

Cops'n Robbers

Cops get schooled by robbers?!

The crime closest to our everyday life might just be theft. In the Metropolitan Police Department, it is handled by the Investigations 3rd Unit.

Creating a brand new concept within detective dramas, "Cops & Robbers" features novice police detective Tsutomu Mada...

  • Comedy

Copy that?

Is this a parody? An homage? Or an imitation?!
Protagonist Aki Fujisaki works in development at a beverage manufacturer.

Due to an issue regarding information leakage, she has to work with her senior Asami Kitawaki, an elite board certified lawyer and intellectual property expert.

Although th...

  • Gameshow

Crush Park

Break everything and be the ultimate crusher in this stress-busting game show!
Break everything and be the ultimate crusher in this stress-busting game show!

Once leaving the stressful reality and stepping into this vibrant wonderland, players are encouraged to break things with their mighty b...

  • Romance
  • Suspense

Cursed in Love

A few words he uttered 15 years ago took away everything I had.

Nao spent her formative years living at Kogetsuan, a well-established Japanese confectionery shop, where her single mother worked as a pastry chef. She is the same age as Tsubaki, heir to the store, and they become each other's first...

  • Comedy

Daddy is My Classmate

"I love my daughter so much that I decided to go to the same college!"

Author Taro Obika is an obsessed single father who loves his daughter so much, he decides to go to the same college. Nicknamed Gataro, he was widowed when his wife died of an illness and has raised his only child Sakura all on...

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Date My Daughter!

At just around 40 years old, she has already been dubbed the queen of romance novels. Her great dilemma, ironically, is her daughter's inability to get a boyfriend. The reason is obvious though... the daughter is an otaku, and a hardcore one at that.

Mother worries, "What if she's so absorbed i...

  • Fantasy

DESTINY: The Tale of Kamakura

What does “destiny” really mean?

When young Akiko marries mystery author Masakazu Isshiki and moves in with him in Kamakura, her way of life becomes a constant source of amazement.
A simple stroll through the streets brings her into contact with supernatural creatures such as spirits, goblins,...

  • Action
  • Detective
  • Suspense

Detective Novice

What happens when a nerd and a jock become buddy cops at a police academy? An action-packed crime suspense that shatters all expectations!

Totally inexperienced, all they have to fall back on are their youth, passion, and the lessons they're learning in class--and yet the two are already gettin...


Welcome to a restaurant exclusively for assassins: the Diner. Its owner is a highly proficient killer, and so are its customers...

Kanako Oba is all alone, and thinks her life can't get any worse...until she applies for a dubious part-time job on a whim, and is instantly torn from her mundane e...

  • Gameshow
  • Reality

Doki Doki Video

Faced with shocking videos, can you remain expressionless?
"Doki Doki Video" is a new format which puts celebrities to the test to hold back their facial expressions while facing the most shocking viral videos.
The rule is quite simple…
“Don’t reveal your emotions on your face”.
No laughing, no ...

  • Comedy
  • Thriller

Double Booking

With a look and feel you've never seen before, this story of fooling and being fooled takes place entirely in computer screens!

Main character Yuji has an online date coming up and he is all worried. Aya and Maya are his girlfriends. He is a two-timer, and now he is double booked for an online da...

  • Medical/Health

Dr. Chocolate

A certain rumor is making the rounds. Genius surgeon Dr. Chocolate, dubbed the Banksy of the medical world, always succeeds no matter the procedure. But there are conditions—100 million yen in cash and a confidentiality agreement. Oh, and chocolate!

It turns out that Dr. Chocolate is a 10-year-ol...

  • Medical/Health
  • Suspense

Duty and Revenge

Genius brain surgeon Keisuke Fujiki suddenly finds himself falsely accused of pushing his girlfriend off the hospital rooftop to her death.
A wanted man, he abandons his name and status, starts going by Kensuke Narumi, and becomes a fugitive trying to uncover the truth behind his girlfriend’s demis...

  • Romance

Fake Affair

A true love story that begins with one lie.

Shoko has never had a serious relationship. Before she knew it, she was 32 and had become the poster child for all sorts of unflattering labels society puts on unmarried women: "30s and single," "the temp worker who got tired of looking for a husband," ...

  • Sports

FAKE MOTION-The Only Wish-

The Table Tennis Warring States Period

The high school totem pole is not determined by grades or how many guys one can beat up. It is all about winning in table tennis, and the fierce battle for hegemony between the high school students resembles the fights for territories during Japan's Warring ...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Romance

First Kiss Boys

Hey, grownups. You say it’s not cool to keep it real. Then show us how an adult should live. You’re all crappy liars who sugarcoat what you say. You have no dreams and never struggled. You’ve got no flow.

Minato Kujo lives in a rural town, feeling empty and lost as he spits out lyrics. His firs...

  • Reality
  • Romance

First Kiss Ladies

“First Kiss Ladies” is a show about 6 women who want to overwrite their first kiss.

They will live under the same roof with Ren and try to capture his heart. The one who manages to do so gets to replace her first kiss. A mockumentary presents fiction as a documentary. As cast members improvise ...

Flying Witch

A new life as a witch out in the country...
Aomori, Japan

In a land blessed by nature's bountiful beauty, bizarre things begin to take place. Makoto Kowata, 15 years old, is a professional witch. She left Yokohama with Chito, her black cat, to live in the house of her relatives in Aomori. This i...

  • Romance

Frankenstein's Love

The “Frankenstein” that is known the world over comes back to modern day Japan as an original love story.
After numerous trials and errors experimenting with bringing a dead person back to life, Dr. Franken finally creates an ugly yet kindhearted monster who will never age and die.

A man who was...

  • Comedy
  • School

From Today, It's My Turn!!

The first-ever spoiled, unjust, and overly cunning unconventional hero in drama history just might have been borne!

Heroic main character Mitsuhashi, who sports a perm and blond hair, goes by the credo, "I will win no matter what it takes!" Yet for a main character, he is rather unjust, connivi...

  • Reality

Ghostwriter to the rescue

Celebrity ghostwrites the most important script of your life.
Celebrities who have made a name for themselves for being funny, romantic, or dramatic come to the rescue so that you can have your day in the sun. We all need a little help with what to say or do on those special moments. With "Ghostwri...

  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking
  • Romance
  • Suspense

Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi

If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your last meal? A handsome gourmet detective gets to the heart of a serial killer in this poisonously romantic suspense drama!

Detective Goro Akechi has a passion for fine dining. Good-looking but incredibly quirky, he solves food-related crimes by usi...

  • Entertainment
  • Reality

Grab the Chance - Now or Never -

Grab it or leave it!
They say that when you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did. Is there something you've put off but can't get out of your mind? "Grab the Chance" might be your only opportunity to take that challenge.

What if you could leap...

  • Mystery
  • Suspense

Guilty Flag

Japan is supposedly a peaceful country, but every year, 85,000 people go missing. Only a handful of cases are deemed urgent and worthy enough by the police to be investigated.
Perhaps what is needed to convince the police is... the world’s attention.

The thing is... once the public’s eyes are ...

Home Tutor

This is not an “entrance exam” drama!

This is a “private instruction” human drama where three mothers and children of different ages and problems end up being “saved” by peculiar tutor Torako.
Three mothers in their 30s, 40s, and 50s cross paths with Torako. One is a working mom who is worried s...

  • Comedy

Hotel on the Brink!

Staffed by sketchy people, this rock-bottom hotel is on the brink of bankruptcy! Out of nowhere, the ultimate shady guest arrives. This is the story of a hotel's "miraculous" transformation.

"Welcome to Hotel on the Brink!"

Nestled in the suburbs are the remnants of what was, in the old days, ...

Hungry 9

Genre:Social Experiment

Behind a locked door, 9 people hungry to achieve the same goal play mind games to become the ultimate winner.
One goal, nine desperate aspirants, countless mind games to eliminate the rest and be the only winner. In a locked room, they have 24 hours to determine "the one,...


Gon sets out on his unexpected, relentless and adventurous journey!

Gon Freecss is a young boy living on Whale Island. He learns from "Hunter" Kite, that his father, whom he was told was dead, is still alive somewhere as a top "Hunter," risking his life to seek unknown items, such as hidden treas...

I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper.

Be cautious when telling her to do something.
She does ANYTHING you ask her.

Akari Mita (Nanako Matsushima) is a super housekeeper who perfectly completes everything she is asked to do. However, she never smiles or tries to gain someone's favor. She is always emotionless, and her mind is unread...

  • Romance

I'm Your Destiny

“Where in this world will I find the woman I’m destined to be with? Many people might laugh if I tell them I believe in such things, so I never talk about it. But…”
I'd like you to think about it for a moment.
If Beethoven's parents didn't meet, he, much less his famous fifth symphony "Destiny," w...

  • Comedy

If Talking Paid

The quibbler extraordinaire leads his family to the ultimate love.

In the eyes of society, our 31-year-old main character would be considered a loser. His love for coffee inspired him to start a company right after college, but things didn't work out. For seven years now, he's been a NEET (Not ...

  • Entertainment

Impress Us

Never be camera-shy - be camera-aggressive!

Let your inner voice be heard! "Impress Us" is a factual entertainment show where anybody can participate and invent unique performances through cameras fixed around the country! The questions and challenges are cast to the general public. For example...

  • Mystery

Innocence, Fight Against False Charges

Handling the most difficult cases with a 100% chance of a guilty verdict, he tries to reverse the wrong convictions.
No one is safe from the terrifying prospect of being falsely accused. You know you are innocent, but you are treated like a criminal. There are countless people just living quite liv...