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Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi
美食探偵 明智五郎

Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi
If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your last meal? A handsome gourmet detective gets to the heart of a serial killer in this poisonously romantic suspense drama!

Detective Goro Akechi has a passion for fine dining. Good-looking but incredibly quirky, he solves food-related crimes by using, well, food. He treats Ichigo Kobayashi like his assistant and drags her into all sorts of cases, even though she's perfectly happy just running her food truck.

The thorn in Goro's flesh is the beautiful and self-proclaimed "Maria Magdalena," who upon meeting him transforms into a killer. Their relationship is at the same time "detective vs murderer" and "opposites attract."

Indulge your senses in savvy investigations, dangerous romance, and exquisite cuisine in this ultimate gourmet entertainment!

Tomoya Nakamura (中村倫也)
Fuka Koshiba (小芝風花)
Eiko Koike (小池栄子)
Yukiya Kitamura (北村有起哉)
Kanta Sato (佐藤寛太)
Miu Tomita (富田望生)
Shinji Takeda (武田真治)
Riisa Naka (仲里依紗)
Mirai Shida (志田未来)
Naomi Zaizen (財前直見)
Moro Morooka (モロ師岡)
Scenario Writer
Shigenori Tanabe (田辺茂範)
Production Year
60 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon TV
Original broadcast : April, 2020