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Where Have My Skirts Gone?

The new Japanese language teacher is gay, middle-aged and is a crossdresser! Outspoken, always on the go and overflowing with love, he overcomes all sorts of struggles in this exciting school-life drama.

Mr. Nobuo Harada is a 52-year-old gay crossdresser who teaches high school.

Gorinkan Academy, a private high school, just announced their Diversity Policy and recently hired Mr. Harada. Having experienced the bitter and sweet sides of life, there are many things that only he can explain to his students. Rumors of his blunt stories spread like wildfire throughout campus. Outrageous and daring, Mr. Harada uses every ounce of his courage to fight back against the gigantic establishment and opens up the minds of his students.

This spring, a rare type of teacher comes to life. Mr. Harada's powerful human touch just might be what our new era needs. Join him through the laughter and the tears in this never-before-seen school-life drama that is sure to leave a lasting imprint in your heart.
Arata Furuta (古田新太)
Nao Matsushita (松下奈緒)
Mai Shiraishi (白石麻衣)
Ren Nagase (永瀬廉)
Shunsuke Michieda (道枝駿佑)
Kento Nagao (長尾謙杜)
Production Year
60 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon TV