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Off the Record

Off the Record
The ultimate scoop turned out to be about me!

People go to weekly tabloid "East" for the latest scoop on corrupt politicians and celebrity scandals. Things are going quite well for reporter Kate Makabe on the career and romance fronts. She chases scoops every day and toughs it out in her cutthroat workplace, but the charm and friendliness she got from her mother allow her to have a great love life.

One day, the mother that raised Kate all on her own suddenly dies. In her final moments, she reveals who Kate's father is for the first time. He turns out to be a Hollywood star the whole world knows! Kate is reluctant to believe it, but the evidence seems to prove it.

Digging into the mysteries and secrets surrounding her own birth, Kate stumbles upon the biggest thing she wants to keep off the record! The words, "Your father is actually _____" that her mother uttered before dying brings major turmoil into her life!

What happens when a tabloid reporter who has unveiled many truths about society ends up discovering her own truth?
Yuriko Yoshitaka (吉高由里子)
Tasuku Emoto (柄本佑)
Daiki Shigeoka (重岡大毅)
Kumiko Akiyoshi (秋吉久美子)
Kuranosuke Sasaki (佐々木蔵之介)
Kaoru Kobayashi (小林薫)
Scenario Writer
Shizuka Oishi (大石静)
Production Year
60 min.
10 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon TV
Original broadcast : January, 2020