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Psychic Kusuo

©Shuichi Aso/Shueisha © 2017“Psychic Kusuo”Film Partners
All I want is to lead a normal life. But underneath lurks unimaginable psychic powers... It’s the start of the annual cultural festival that brings a disastrous whirlwind of love and friendship! An extravaganza that will crack you up and blow you away!

■ Introduction
A super popular manga series which has sold a total of over 5 million copies and is currently in publication on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, is set to be adapted to the big screen! Yuichi Fukuda, of "GINTAMA" and "The Brave 'YOSHIHIKO' And Great Satan's Castle" series, leads a star-studded cast led by Kento Yamazaki, who was convinced by Fukuda himself to partake in the project.

■ Story
Kusuo Saiki is a high school student who was born with unimaginable psychic powers. However, Kusuo only hopes to be able to lead a normal life without special powers.
Contrary to his hopes, his classmates are all troublemakers! To get out of all the trouble his classmates cause, Kusuo reluctantly uses his powers in a way others won't notice.
Around comes the big day of the year -the annual cultural school festival. If something happens, the festival will be discontinued from the following year, but his eccentric classmates won't leave him alone! Kusuo is bombarded with disastrous situations, and he is forced to use his psychic powers to solve them! But with so many other students surrounding him, his situation only worsens...
Before he knows, a mere cultural festival turns into crisis that could end the world! Will Kusuo Saiki be able to manage to overcome this unprecedented crisis!?

Kento Yamazaki (山崎賢人)
Kanna Hashimoto (橋本環奈)
Hirofumi Arai (新井浩文)
Ryo Yoshizawa (吉沢亮)
Hideyuki Kasahara (笠原秀幸)
Kento Kaku (賀来賢人)
Murotsuyoshi (ムロツヨシ)
Jiro Sato (佐藤二朗)
Seiichi Tanabe (田辺誠一)
Yuki Uchida (内田有紀)
Yuichi Fukuda (福田雄一)
Scenario Writer
Yuichi Fukuda (福田雄一)
Production Year
97 min
International sales company
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Screen Size: 1:1.85
Japanese Theatrical Release:October 21st, 2017
For more information (link to NIPPON TV)