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Ghostwriter to the rescue

Ghostwriter to the rescue|NIPPON TV
Celebrity ghostwrites the most important script of your life.
Celebrities who have made a name for themselves for being funny, romantic, or dramatic come to the rescue so that you can have your day in the sun. We all need a little help with what to say or do on those special moments. With "Ghostwriter to the rescue," you get a celebrity who has said it all and done it all, in front of the world, to ghostwrite the most important script of your life.

Budding voice actor Tats has been in love with his classmate Luna for over a year and is finally ready to ask her out, but the 21-year-old is at a complete loss on what to say! An entertainer with a flair for romance takes him under his wing and vows to write a script that will surely capture her heart. The ghostwriter's plan is elaborate: the two will be paired together in an audition, which she doesn't know is fake, and Tats will suddenly confess his love. Back at the studio, the ghostwriter watches the nerve-wracking "audition" and awaits Luna's response. Did things go according to his supposedly foolproof plan?

It's all said and done. The teary-eyed ghostwriter and his fellow cast members gather their composure as they move on to the next script. A new kindergarten teacher is finally getting the hang of things and wants to put on a fun show for her students. Helping her out is a comedian who is wildly popular with kids. He wastes no time creating an act that would go on to be performed in front of 350 girls and boys. After five days of countless rehearsals, it's show time!

"Ghostwrite to the rescue" taps into the creative genius of famous entertainers to allow people from all walks of life to have their time to shine. With the same passion that got them to where they are, the celebrity ghostwriters listen, consult, and pour their heart out to help. But when the curtains open, it all comes down to the one person on stage.

Production Year
International sales company
Nippon TV
Original broadcast: November 2016
Territories handled by Nippon TV: Worldwide
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