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ボイス 110緊急指令室

Life or death is determined by the ten-minute mark after the 110 call. The “voice” on the line leads the two to the scene.

The police at the Emergency Command Center work day and night to respond quickly to victims calling 110. Their mission is to get to the scene within three minutes, grasp the situation within five, and determine the suspect within ten.

Shogo Higuchi is a brilliant detective who is always on the go and has a knack for sensing things. Since his wife was murdered by a psychotic killer, he has been obsessed with revenge.

Hikari Tachibana is the head of the Emergency Command Center and a voice profiler (voiceprint analyst) who hears even the faintest of sounds.

Two people who lost a loved one and carry wounds that will never heal. As the never-ending crimes plague their city, they respond to the influx of 110 calls. Follow them as they solve crimes in this suspense-filled drama, relying on the "voice" that pleads to live as a guide.
Toshiaki Karasawa (唐沢寿明)
Yoko Maki (真木よう子)
Takahisa Masuda (増田貴久)
Yuichi Kimura (木村祐一)

Production Year
60 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon TV
Based on the series “Voice”, produced and distributed by Studio Dragon Corporation and CJ ENM Co., Ltd.

Original broadcast: July, 2019