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When life gives you money

When life gives you money | NIPPON TV
What if you were given thousands of dollars that you can use any way you want?
Would you use it for yourself, for a friend or for your favorite cause?

In this emotainment, celebrities unexpectedly receive the amount of "their age × US$100" for their birthday to spend on something special for anyone of their choosing. With the money in hand, they plan on the best gifts that enrich lives. This is a process of reflecting on their past and reinventing themselves. Sometimes it also requires visiting potential recipients to see what needs they might have.

As a gift...
- A model orders a custom-made kimono to evolve into her new self, because she now feels mature enough to purchase costly clothes.
- A TV personality holds a fireworks party for her support team to show gratitude.
- To return the favor to the community which nurtured him, an actor plants a huge tree for the kids in his hometown.

The journey can be emotional and touching as celebrities experience heartfelt moments that reveal their core values.
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Nippon TV
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