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YES MAN discovers the world

YES MAN discovers the world
How will your trip unfold if all you can say is "YES"?

In this hilarious reality entertainment, the unplanned and unscripted three-day journey will produce unpredictable results.
A traveler arrives in a foreign land full of expectations. Will he find amazing food, breathtaking sceneries, or even encounter his dream girl? But as he cannot fully understand the language and is allowed to say only "YES," those expectations turn into the unexpected.
He discovers places that are beyond the pages of any guidebook and has spectacular experiences - or not. He struggles to not be taken for a ride by salespeople who push him to buy expensive items or taxi drivers who decide their destination. He is given a budget for his trip but any extra he spends, he'll have to pay for out of his own pocket.
With the universal language of gestures and the power of positivity, what could possibly go wrong?

Production Year
30 min.
International sales company
Nippon TV
Territories handled by Nippon TV:Worldwide
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